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Open Science

Science and research are the building blocks connecting us with knowledge. As these are chiefly financed by the public sector, their results should be accessible to as many people as possible. Open Science describes the various efforts and activities which aim to reach this goal of bringing science to all.

Swiss National Open Research Data Strategy 


The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences are involved in the Open Research Data Strategy (ORD) and its implementation in many ways. It is foreseen that the Swiss Academies will not only sit on the newly established national "Strategy Council" for ORD together with other important actors, but will also contribute to the development of competencies in ORD research practices and to the establishment of systemic framework conditions. This includes, for example, the commitment of Swiss Academies to the development of the Code of conduct for scientific integrity, which takes into account new digital methods in research. In addition, disciplinary perspectives, which the academies have at their disposal through close contact with the various research communities, should be brought into the implementation of the strategy wherever possible and appropriate.


Open Science is a paradigm shift that seeks to make scientific research, data and their dissemination available to all levels of a researching society and the public. As an aspect of Open Science, Open Research Data (ORD) facilitates access to and reuse of research data. This in turn promotes better, more effective research for the benefit of society as a whole. Through the principles of open access and reusability of research data, ORD practices support transparent and reproducible research findings. Moreover, ORD fosters collaboration by promoting exchange among researchers across disciplines, legal systems and national borders, thus enabling creativity and innovation to thrive.


The ORD Strategy is developed on the basis of an agreement with the SERI and in coordination with the ERI partners.

Head Office

Dr. Beat Immenhauser, Delegate Open Science, a+

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Olivia Denk

Specialist for Open Science


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Open Science in Switzerland: Opportunities and Challenges