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ERI Dispatch 2025-2028: Universities and funding organisations for research and innovation fear cutback in services

27.09.2023 | swiss-academies and ERI partners


The Federal Council plans to invest less than before in education, research and innovation (ERI) in the coming years. In its ERI Dispatch 2025–2028, the Federal Council proposes only a slight nominal growth for the ERI sector. Due to the expected inflation, a zero or negative growth is possible in real terms. A cutback in services at the ERI institutions concerned is therefore foreseeable. The universities and research and innovation promotion organisations are therefore calling for significant, real growth for the entire HERI sector over the next four-year period. Only in this way can they continue to make their contribution to progress and prosperity in Switzerland.

Swiss Academies call for secure funding for their core tasks

22.09.2023 | swiss-academies


The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences emphatically demand, in their statement on the ERI Dispatch 2025-2028, that the financing of their core tasks be secured in the upcoming funding period as well. The Federal Council’s ambitious goals, which are set out in the ERI Dispatch, can hardly be achieved with the Academies’ proposed funding.

Eine wirkungsvolle internationale Zusammenarbeit braucht Forschungspartnerschaften mit Entwicklungsländern

19.09.2023 | akademien-schweiz


Die Schweiz kann mit ihrer internationalen Zusammenarbeit mehr bewirken, wenn sie wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse stärker miteinbezieht. In der Botschaft Internationale Zusammenarbeit 2025-28 fehle eine Strategie für die Zusammenarbeit mit der Wissenschaft zur Nutzung und Förderung wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse, kritisieren Expertinnen und Experten der Kommission für Forschungspartnerschaften mit Entwicklungsländern in ihrer Stellungnahme.

Statement on the consultation on the “Horizon Fund Law”

23.01.2023 | swiss-academies


The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences welcome and support the draft law on the establishment of the “Horizon Fund”. This fund aims to secure the resources earmarked for the European Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe for the benefit of research in Switzerland. This will at least minimise the loss for Switzerland as a centre of knowledge as a result
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