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Science Communication

The expert group «Communicating Sciences and Arts in Times of Digital Media» deals with the current changes and challenges in science communication. Within this context, it records the status quo & current trends in science communication and develops scenarios for improving science communication in Switzerland.
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“Science communication” – encompassing not only STEM subjects, but also humanities and arts – has received more attention from academia, science-policy makers and society in recent years. 


But the science communication landscape is changing, creating new challenges such as economic pressures on science journalism, a pluralization of people carrying out “science communication” and the format they use, and the emergence and growth of digital media. 


The expert group aims to assess the status quo & current trends in “science communication” in Switzerland and to develop scenarios for improving “science communication”.


Expert Group Members



Prof. Dr. Mike S. Schäfer, Universität Zürich



Gian-Andri Casutt, ETH-Board

Dr. Ana Godinho, CERN

Prof. Dr. L. Suzanne Suggs, Università della Svizzera italiana



Prof. Dr. Karl Aberer, EPFL

Dr. Philipp Burkard, Science et Cité

Prof. Dr. Caspar Hirschi, Universität St. Gallen

Dr. Angelika Jacobs, SASJ Swiss Association for Science Journalism

Prof. Dr. Otfried Jarren, Universität Zürich

Prof. Dr. Alain Kaufmann, Université de Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Reto Knutti, ETH Zürich

Prof. Dr. Michaela Maier, Universität Koblenz-Landau (D)

Prof. Dr. Julia Metag, Universität Münster (D)

Thomas Müller, Radio SRF

Prof. Dr. Bruno Strasser, Université de Genève

Prof. Dr. Albert Weichselbraun, HTW Chur



Salome Bosshard, Universität Zürich

Salome Bosshard

Coordinator of the expert group «Communicating Sciences and Arts in Times of Digital Media»

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