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Successful Inaugural Meeting of the Sounding Board Researchers

The first meeting of the Sounding Board Researchers took place at the Casino Bern (Salon Bernois). Organized by Olivia Denk (Specialist for Open Science & Secretary of the Board) and Beat Immenhauser (Delegate for Open Science) from the Swiss Academies, 16 members from different disciplines and career levels were inaugurated on 30 November 2022. Within the Swiss National ORD Strategy the Swiss Academies act as one key institution and are responsible for both the organization of the meetings of the Sounding Board Researchers (SB R) and the launch of the ORD Award. The members of the SB R will serve as the Jury for the ORD Award and will contribute to the implementation of the Actions Plan on Open Research Data. The mandate of the SB R includes the advice of the Strategy Council (StraCo) and the Coordination Group (CoG) by adressing their questions and providing recommendations to enable the participation of the research communities in the further development of the Swiss ORD landscape.

Dr. Beat Immenhauser

Delegate Open Science

Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
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